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"I have reviewed the attached report and it provides very interesting insights.  The findings confirm some of the assumptions we already had and bring out some new perceptions.   I think it will be a good idea if you are able to provide a summarized version in PowerPoint for quick reviews and references.

Secondly you would be required to present a summarized copy in PowerPoint to us. We would like you to suggest a date and time that I can run by with the rest of the team here and get back to you if confirmed.” “Executive In Charge Of Research At The Corporate Unit, Mobile Phone Service Provider, Ghana”

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About Pragma Solutions Ltd.

Pragma Solutions Ltd. Limited is a full-fledged market research organization offering both quantitative and qualitative services. We believe in providing insightful, innovative and actionable thinking on business issues. We also provide stand-alone data collection services for clients who need only that service. We have been involved in large, nationwide studies and small specialised group studies, with very short turn-around times.
Our market research services include project design, development of instruments, field staff training, data collection, and electronic data capture, analysis using the latest software, tabulation and reporting.

Pragma Covers All 10 Regions Of Ghana.

Pragma Solutions Ltd. is set up to operate in all 10 regions of Ghana, with resources to collect data in every district of the country. Our trained field data collectors have been recruited from the districts to eliminate problems associated with local dialects and `inquisitive strangers`, especially in rural areas. We have partner agencies in the West African sub-region that we collaborate with on sub regional projects.

Mission Of Pragma Solutions Ltd.

Our mission is to provide value-based research insights and information that help our clients gain an edge in today`s competitive business environment.

Philosophy of Pragma Solutions Ltd.

Based on the triangular pillars of head, heart and hands, our philosophy is to use logical thinking (head), passion for excellence (heart) and pragmatic practicality (hands) to solve problems and quickly turn around projects for the benefit of our clients.

We Have More Experience In This Business

Even though Pragma Solutions Ltd. is relatively new on the market, founded in 2009, the combined experience of its members span a total of over 45 years in the Ghana and West African markets. Our team leader has over 20 years of research experience, was a pioneer member of the first MR company in Ghana, and has been on the forefront of a lot of breakthrough methodologies in the country. Our core team was, for years, part of the number one research agency in Ghana, and has experience in working across a wide range of business sectors, including these listed below.

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